Oct. 1st, 2013

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I need to vent. So if you’re not interested in personal ranting, back out and go away.

I’m alternating between wanting to find a dark corner to cry in and standing in the street cursing the universe. I’m still collected enough to know that the second option would not end well, so what I’m actually doing is trying to keep everything locked down and just cope.  Mom-in-law is a good distraction; her health problems are nowhere near as dire, but she has needed chauffeuring on multiple occasions recently.

About eleven and a half years ago we lost my dad to cancer. Several months after that mom was re-introduced to someone, a widower. He’s actually a distant cousin on my late father’s side of the family. He had lost two previous wives, the first to cancer and the second to Alzheimer’s. She had met him previously because his second wife was in her class in high school; they were introduced at a class reunion. They had a lot in common, and eventually married.

I was a little surprised; I live in a different state and wasn’t aware they had gotten that close. But I had met him; he’s a good man, and my mother has never been a flighty woman. He made her happy, and that was all I cared about it. Bonus points – he turned out to be an excellent grandfather!

So the universe, in its usual fuckupedness, has decided they need another up-close and personal lesson about cancer. It went undetected until it was too late. The only reason it was discovered was it began pressing against his spinal column, causing him intense pain. It’s in his bones, his lungs and the lymph system.

For various reasons, we can’t get the three of us down to Tampa until Thanksgiving. I’m not sure he’ll make it until then.


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