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Hallelujah! We survived Prom Week!

For most of the school year, when other people raised the subject, the offspring insisted he didn't want to attend the prom. OK; that was fine... I mean, it's not like I'm going to force him to attend. BUT, at the last moment, he changed his mind. That meant a mad scurry to get all the permission slips signed, fees paid, getting him measured for a tux, and deciding that both of us would volunteer to help at the post-prom party. At first the offspring thought we were going to chaperone the prom itself, and he was quite emphatic that he did not want ME anywhere near the prom. He didn't say anything about his dad... Anyway, we got it sorted out that we were talking about the post-prom party at the local sports park (go-karts, batting cages, lazer tag, etc.) He decided that was OK.

So... Prom was last night. The post-prom party lasted till 3AM (that's as late as local law allows teens). I was the first to crawl into bed, around 4AM. I ended up being the last one up today, getting up around noon. You know who was up first? The offspring! I still can't believe that. Normally, he'd stay in bed all day if we let him...

I think I need more sleep...


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