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I will be 57 tomorrow, Apr. 9th. Normally, I don’t feel my physical age at all, but jeeze, I do right now. I ache, I have discovered a few more bruises, and I am still moving carefully. The worst of the initial bruising is actually a little better, but I still have a black-purple spot the size of a U.S. quarter on the underside of my chin, and the heel of my right hand and inner wrist are actually a purply-brown color. All of the road-rash on my hands has scabbed over. I managed to scrape both sides of my right hand; I still haven’t figured out how I managed that. The lighter scrapes on my cheek and nose are just sort of pink now, but my chin is a mess that’s going to take a while. I have four stitches below my lower lip, because my teeth went through it. I also have a very obvious chipped upper front tooth, but it doesn’t reach into the nerve cavity so once my lips are healed my dentist has said he can patch that. My glasses are still under warranty, so new lenses are being made.

So… what happened? This past Saturday afternoon I proved, once and for all time, that I SHOULD NOT RUN! I tripped, (best I can tell it was over my own two feet) while chasing something I really didn’t need to chase. It stopped on its own, without causing any damage. Yeah, yeah; hindsight and all that jazz. My husband took me to the emergency room, and after they made sure I wasn’t a victim of domestic abuse they cleaned me up, took x-rays of my jaw and then stitched me up. My brains were still rattled after the fall and I didn’t realize why I was repeating my tale of what had happened to everybody and their brother until my husband pointed it out. So I can report that the system is in place and working at our local emergency room. I’ll head over to my regular doctor’s office Friday to get the stitches taken out and let them prod and scold.

I’ve still got a bit of editing to finish for Timber, but the pain prescription is kind of fuzz-inducing. Given how many mistakes I’ve made and corrected while typing this, I can't do it today.  I need to have a clear head for the final go-through before I send it back to her. Maybe tomorrow I can switch to an OTC pain reliever during the day. We’ll see.


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